Unfolding an
Visual Experience

KAI pushes the boundaries of immersive media & content.


Cutting edge solutions based on Computer Graphics and Vision Technology


We research and develop world class imaging technologies, patented and academically published in the top venues.


We have successfully collaborated with leading global entertainment companies to provide novel experiences to viewers.


Our abundant experiences in R&D and technology commercialization bring customers' ideas and concepts to real life.



An easy way to configure multi-projection setup

Easily configure a multi-projection environment in any space. Create your own immersive world through KaiCast and play the content you want. It’s that easy.



A smart way to create and enjoy 360 VR content

Once creators upload their 360 video content in the highest quality, Rich360 Remastering automatically optimizes 360 videos and streams them at the richest quality over the internet.


Innovative train advertising system based on VR technology

V-TAS is a complete solution that features a real-time video projection system, a smart cloud management system and an automatic tunnel measurement system.
V-TAS is an innovative VR media platform. It transforms the dark tunnels into vivid and immersive world.